0300 Not -for- Profit Charity

0300 Not -for- Profit Charity

0300 or 0303 numbers are Ofcom allocated to Charity or Not-for-Profit or UK Council’s or UK Government. We believe as a number focused company 08UK is the best UK supplier of 0300 Telephone Numbers.

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Our 0300 Philosophy

We know virtual 0300 numbers inside and out. You know your charity plus you are probably busy with plenty of things to do. We understand it is important to spend some time searching to ensure you get a good 0300 number supplier. 08UK pride our company on offering only unsurpassed inbound voice numbers with combination IVR features to enhance your callers’ experiences.

Accurate 0300 Billing

Smart accurate 03 billing offers real peace of mind. Our billing software calculates rates across multiple carriers plus monitors call volumes to identify potential fraud.

0300 Ofcom Changes

1st July 2015 Ofcom made the cost to call all 03 numbers the same as any 01 or 02 landline number from all UK lines. Using a payphone or mobile or UK landline, the 0300 Charity or 0333 Business numbers are not free to call but as so many have minute bundles they see these as free calls.

0300 With 30 Day Rolling Contract

For those organisations with flexible 03 requirements it is possible to secure a 30 day rolling 0300/0333 agreement so no long term contract. We confidently have no penalty of charges if you did wish to move.

Paying 0300 on Direct Debit

Choosing to pay for your 03 service number by Direct Debit protects your organisation so any payment made going back six years, can be claimed back. DD for 0300 or 0333 is the easy and best method of payment.

Go 0345 From 0845 Numbe

We can supply the 0345 equivalent number to your 0845. Delivering calls to your UK lines from the 0345 does carry a small charge but 0345 has no access charge for the caller unlike the 0845.

0300 Honest Advice

Knowing 03 rates instantly to be good or not, 08UK instantly recognise a good rate from a bad one. We tell the truth, following fifteen years of trading, we know what we are doing, unlike some.