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Smart Accurate Per Second Billing

Smart accurate billing offers real peace of mind. Operating the superior ‘Oak’ billing software package calculates rates to the second and penny cross carriers plus we track traffic flows to identify potential fraud.

08 Ofcom July 2015 Changes

1st July 2015 Ofcom changed the pricing of all 08 & 09 numbers. Using a BT originating 0845 for instance, you could gain from a revenue now of up to two pence per minute where the 0845 tariff is a 5p number now.

Flexible 30 Day Rolling Purchasing

For those organisations with flexible requirements it is possible to secure a 30 day rolling purchasing agreement so no long term contract. We confidently have no penalty of charges if you did wish to move.

Paying Monthly Business Telephone Bills

All UK suppliers credit check and require deposits or monthly payment. Choosing to pay by Direct Debit actually protects your organisation from all payments made going back up to six years, so is best choice.

Pan European Numbers

We’ve purchased numbers, world-wide, for UK and overseas clients with sites all across Europe. Pan European procurement with a local UK head office is our focus. We can route calls to country required.

Always Honest Advice

We know the prices instantly to be good or bad (dealing daily) means we instantly recognise a good offer to secure that day. We tell the truth, following fifteen years of trading, we know what we are doing, unlike some.